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May 15 2015
at 9:31 AM
The great B.B.King passed away on 5/15/15. He played Pat’s song ’Double Guatemala’ on Gary Burton’s cd Six Pack. which features great guitar player - but Pat only as composer. He never recorded this song, there are only bootleg versions sometimes also called Carla’s Groove. Did Pat actually ever paly with B.B. King?
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May 28 2015
at 8:16 AM
Bookmark and Share My favorite BB King...Indianola Mississippi Seeds...Leon Russell piano side 1....Carole King piano side 2.Pats quotes on BB King were used in numerous articles I have seen over the last few weeks.The king is dead....Long live the King.
May 23 2015
at 4:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Wow, that tone ... thanks for the music, Blues Boy.
May 17 2015
at 10:13 AM
Bookmark and Share RIP
May 16 2015
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share When I think of all of the guitarists that inspired me in the early days--Duane Allman, Toy Caldwell, Dickie Betts, Hendrix, Jimmie Page (you can REALLY hear the B.B. influence on those early records), the list goes on and on and of course includes B.B. King himself. But they were all inspired by B.B. King and you can directly hear it in their playing and it kind of flows through and informs and influences every lick. The whole bending, singing, wailing thing goes right back to B.B. May he rest in peace.
May 15 2015
at 3:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Not sure if Pat ever played with the King of the Blues, but if he didn’t he’s about the only notable guitarist who didn’t. I was lucky to see him with his traveling Blues Review in 99 with Tower of Power, Indigenous and Kenny Wayne Sheppard. At the time he was sitting but still had it together and had everyone in the palm of his hand. What a career, what a legend. RIP BB.
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