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SUBJECT: Antonio Sanchez & Migration + Birdman screening in London Back to Subjects
Apr 28 2015
at 8:59 AM
For those of you able to get to London this Friday, Antonio & band will play a concert at the Odeon Leicester Square prior to a screening of the film Birdman. Tickets are £35 or £20 and it all starts at 19:30. I haven’t seen any advance publicity for this and only found out about it by being in Leicester Square today and seeing a large billboard with Antonio’s face featured prominently. Might see you there. Gaz
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Apr 29 2015
at 12:51 AM
Bookmark and Share Cheers Gaz, thanks for the heads up. I was planning to come see a gig in Camden, at the Con Cellar, starting at 20h30. Torn!!!!
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