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SUBJECT: Pat’s remastered cd’s Back to Subjects
Apr 05 2015
at 1:19 AM
I wonder if anyone knows EXACTLY which PM/PMG releases have so far been issued in a remastered format. I am considering replacing the pieces of my collection with remastered versions and would appreciate precise information from anyone.
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May 14 2015
at 8:29 AM
Bookmark and Share Just like with the Beatles I prefer the analog versions on my turntable.
Apr 17 2015
at 5:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Song X is very different and better I feel, Charlie Haden up in the mix other elements balanced differently, overall sound improved. I like them all. Hoping for 24 bit audio downloads of everything.
Apr 15 2015
at 12:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank you, guys, for your inputs. Meanwhile I have discovered that "Question and Answer" has also been issued remastered.
Chris Digger
Apr 13 2015
at 4:19 PM
Bookmark and Share On the remastered Still Life-CD the volume-level is upgraded. Also you hear more of the subtle sounds.
Apr 10 2015
at 11:25 AM
Bookmark and Share I didn’t know ’Still Life’ was remastered. Next to ’The Way Up’ that is probably my second favorite. But the problem I had with it is, the tracks seemed to be recorded at a much lower volume than all other releases. But I love Pat’s guitar sound. If my memory is correct, he not only recorded his amp rig, but also miced his guitar to pick up his picking. I’d love to hear how this might be magnified in the remaster.
Chris Digger
Apr 07 2015
at 5:10 PM
Bookmark and Share ECM :rarum IX Pat Metheny / Selected Recordings (Sampler digitally remastered)
Chris Digger
Apr 06 2015
at 5:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Song X, Secret Story, Still life Talking, Letter from Home, The Road to You, We live here, Quartet.
Apr 06 2015
at 8:08 AM
Bookmark and Share have you looked in the store ?
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