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Apr 01 2015
at 9:30 AM
I just heard this morning that Joni passed out yesterday and was rushed to a hospital in LA where she was in intensive care. The latest was she was awake and in good spirits. Thoughts and prayers to her and her family that she recovers fully.
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May 31 2015
at 11:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Love you ... tonight thinking of you
May 28 2015
at 8:36 AM
Bookmark and Share Enjoyed Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter this past weekend... always full of surprises.
May 14 2015
at 8:26 AM
Bookmark and Share She’s my favorite guitar player. Hope she survives.
Apr 30 2015
at 12:02 AM
Bookmark and Share Hoping Joni recovers soon. Thoughts and well-wishes are being posted at
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