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Apr 26 2011
at 11:41 PM
Joshua Redman, Matt Penman, Aaron Parks and Eric Harland make up James Farm. There new CD just came out today and it rocks! I love Eric’s drumming and Matt Penman is awesome on Bass. Put those two together with Redman and Parks and how can it not be great!
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Tom Rudd
May 02 2011
at 12:26 PM
Bookmark and Share Nice! Sounds excellent ! Thanks for the tip.
May 01 2011
at 9:52 AM
Bookmark and Share I caught James Farm live a year ago in Chicago. They shared the bill with Anat Cohen Quartet. It was a great show. They had wide variety of styles and all are great musicians. I have been following Joshua Redman since Pat introduced him when they toured together.
Apr 28 2011
at 3:19 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes shockandwoe, I agree. They did do a limited US engagement and I saw them last June in San Francisco. They were awesome!
Apr 27 2011
at 9:45 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m pretty sure James Farm will be my personal choice for jazz album of the year. It’s just sad that one has a better chance of catching these guys play live abroad than here in the states. In third world countries the best products are only for export. Boo!
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