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SUBJECT: Clarification as to what actual Date, I first became a Fan for life Back to Subjects
Mar 29 2015
at 1:17 AM
I was organizing the many Ticket stubs, that I haven’t lost, and was under the impression, that Friday November 30, 1984 -Tower Theatre Upper Darby, PA was my "Baptismal of Joy" (still trying to convince newcomers, about the Prime-Time 14 ms left delay, and 26 ms right- not a chorus box) translated -first Live PMG Concert. But I found a Joni Mitchell stub Dated Tuesday August 28, 1979, which I want to confirm if that was the Mingus Tour, With Pat, Lyle, and Jaco performing Shadows and Light ? I have seen Pat in many venues,across the US( 24 to date), with many Excellent Musicians-Pat Metheny Trio - Question and Answer, and one unique performance in Wilmington Delaware (in which Pat spoke about the new music not having titles, as PMG was getting ready to record "Letter From Home). I distinctly remember Pedro Aznar -on "Every Summer Night". Please if someone could confirm the initial dates this person would be an even more awestruck appreciative fan. thanks
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Apr 14 2015
at 5:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Thank You, for the date on ’Letter from Home’, Pat spoke more than in the previous 6 or 7 shows combined, that night in Delaware. Explaining that the Group was preparing to record at Power Station. Before each song he would talk about the instruments, meter changes, and Group members, featured. I was wondering, if I first saw Pat with Joni Mitchell in 1979 -1980, and didn’t realize his expertise. The First tour I eagerly attended, of PMG was the ’First Circle’ tour (Nov 1984). Now living in rural colorado, has me jones for live Pat, in any vehicle. I never realized how spoiled living 6 blocks from the Tower Theatre outside Philly, I was. Thank You very much.
Mar 31 2015
at 12:08 PM
Bookmark and Share It must have been in 1989. I think that is the year "Letter from Home was recorded. As for me,I heard San Lorenzo around 1980. Then the whole thing got bigger and bigger year by year until I realized there was nobody better.
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