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Mar 02 2015
at 2:17 PM
Its been a long time since I last visited this site. I’ve been a long time fan of Pat’s and his many adventures, and thought I’d share two. Last saw Pat when he was in East Lansing, MI (think it was 2010?) performing his Orchestrion gig. Can’t remember the name of the venue. We were in the front row, and he was going through a medley of tunes, including Unity Village from Bright Size Life. I’ve always loved that tune and when he leaned into it, I couldn’t help for clapping....noticing, suddenly, that to my dates embarrassment, I was the only one! Anyway, he got a big applause after that nice medley, recited the tunes he had just played, and when he mentioned Unity Village, looked my way and said, "Its nice to know someone bought that record!!" The other experience was at the Fox Theater in Detroit, 2005..The Way Up show. Sat behind a Mom and Dad with their teenage son. Waiting for the Group to come on stage, the young fella and I started to chat a bit. He said his dad was a huge fan and he grew up listening to Pat’s music. He then asked if I thought he would play this particular tune. He said he couldn’t recall the name of the song, but that his dad would play it endlessly, and that he loved the beat. He tried to hum it out, and I knew straightaway it was Are You Going With Me. I said to him that I wasn’t sure if we would hear that one tonight, but sure enough as one of the encores the Group cut into AYGWM. I’ll never forget the look on that lads face when he turned around, looked at me, and just smiled from ear to ear!
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Mar 05 2015
at 6:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Did he do the version where he starts with the Picasso then breaks into AYGWM?
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