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SUBJECT: Bear Comes Home by Rafi Zabor Back to Subjects
Feb 23 2015
at 7:20 PM
So I’m at my local wonderful library, where I get books printed on paper to read - what a pleasure - and I see this orange cover, with a black silhouette of a bear playing a sax on the cover - then I see the name Rafi Zabor, whose writing I have always respected. It’s in the 25 cent rack - buy a book and support the library thing - and as I start to read the first page I fall in love with it. A story about a bear who plays jazz, who lives and breathes jazz and who talks - or speaks, eloquently. I turn over the book and there, on the back cover is an endorsement of the book by our man, Pat Metheny. Wow, there is no such thing as coincidence. You like to read? You like music? Read this book. (PS 1979? Where was I? Oh right at the Pat show in Asbury Park.)
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May 17 2015
at 7:44 PM
Bookmark and Share this is a great book, with many incredibly passionate moments, accurate descriptions of being an improvising musician, literary references that hope the reader has some significant experience with life as an artist, has read some books about mysticism and philosophy and maybe been in love in an impossible situation. it will not let everyone in. like all things I love.
May 14 2015
at 5:38 PM
Bookmark and Share I read a sample off of ibooks. I’d love to read the whole thing, but they wanted 22 bucks for the entire download. But what I read was hilarious.
May 14 2015
at 8:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Rafi the Rambler they used to call him. With this book be prepared for real waste of time. I recommend listening to music instead.
Feb 24 2015
at 10:54 AM
Bookmark and Share cool story, thanks for sharing this.
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