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Feb 15 2015
at 3:49 PM
While I was checking out the recorder guy, (see other thread) the queue showed a guy named Michele Fischietti, doing Pat covers. He is amazing, too. He’s doing the Guilio Carmassi thing, too, playing all the parts (except drums, I think - they sound like they’re from a machine/computer, but still good.) I was very impressed with his accuracy of transcription, then his solos are amazing, too. Well worth the time to check him out.
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Mar 14 2015
at 3:28 AM
Bookmark and Share Interesting as I’m now living in Italy for a few months.... Certainly not a big name in European circles, but is talented on piano and guitar. By the way, Italian guys don’t exude humility. And emulating Pat and his music is all good !
Mar 13 2015
at 2:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Very talented! Lacks Pat’s humility though.....
Mar 12 2015
at 7:03 AM
Bookmark and Share To play Pat as Pat plays Pat is an admirable feat, whomever the player. Sheesh....Good stuff.
Feb 22 2015
at 6:47 PM
Bookmark and Share The guy has some chops.
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