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SUBJECT: Pat at Charlie Haden Tribute in NYC 1/13 Back to Subjects
Jan 14 2015
at 12:46 PM
One of the most emotional evenings of my life. From PM’s playing to his words, I was in tears for the first of many times throughout the evening. So much love was in that room. After Pat, Charlie was/is my favorite artist of all time. Hearing and seeing all the musicians who paid tribute to Charlie last night was something I will never forget. Highlights were seeing and hearing Carla Bley and the LMO, Geri Allen and Ravi Coltrane and the Haden Triplets and Bill Frisell. Everyone that played played so beautifully. The community of musicians represented there was something to really admire. And as I understand it, now Pat goes to Germany to give tribute to another bass giant, Eberhard Weber. And we know also about his connection to his early mentor Tommy Ruskin in Kansas City who passed on Jan. 1 and then also his friend and collaborator Pino Daniele in Italy on Jan. 2. It must be a rough period for him but his words and especially music were so meaningful last night I can only guess he brings that strength to each of these milestones.
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Feb 05 2015
at 12:05 PM
Bookmark and Share I see Pat every time he comes to NYC, but I didn’t know about this particular event. Why no email??
Jan 14 2015
at 7:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Nissen67--Thanks for posting that, it must have been quite an evening. I was reading the New York Times online jazz listings and came across that concert listing and thought what a great and moving musical event that would have been to see.
Rob B in CT
Jan 14 2015
at 6:17 PM
Bookmark and Share I regret that I didn’t make the trip there last night, Nissen67. I couldn’t have gotten there much before the start time, and I thought it would likely have reached capacity before then. Did it? The NY Times had a nice article on it. Seems like a night that attendees will remember forever.
Jan 14 2015
at 5:48 PM
Bookmark and Share Sounds really beautiful ... wish I could have been there.
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