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SUBJECT: Favorite Live Shows for 2014 Back to Subjects
Jan 06 2015
at 11:02 AM
New Year’s Eve I saw my las to Jazz shows for the year and my final count was 137 bands. When I made my Top 25 List Pat Metheny Unity Group was #1. Also in Top 5 was Joshua Redman Trio.
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Feb 28 2015
at 8:44 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat Metheny Unity Band, Eliane Elias and Paula Santora and Rafel three for me here in the Great Northwest.........
Feb 21 2015
at 4:32 PM
Bookmark and Share PMUG was #1
Jan 07 2015
at 3:26 AM
Bookmark and Share I saw Kin Live twice and both are in my top 5. But i must say my absolute fav. in 2014 was seeing and hearing Youn Sun Nah live (saw her in Brussels). Next stop - Eberhard Weber jubilee concert in Stuttgart (with Pat performing...).
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