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Dec 18 2014
at 10:45 PM
Just received the newsletter and it says that we can expect a Unity Group video in the Spring of 2015. It also hints about news in January that will tell us what else to expect next year! The magic continues...
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Jan 08 2015
at 8:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Mike S. Can’t say for sure. I signed up years ago and they come pretty sporadically. This last one caught my eye, but I imagine I probably miss some also.
Jan 07 2015
at 4:19 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s on Pat’s Facebook page also, so you can always check there.
Mike S.
Jan 03 2015
at 2:18 PM
Bookmark and Share How do you get these newsletters? I have been registered on this sight since the late 90’s and have received maybe two emails!!!
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