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Nov 17 2014
at 8:05 PM
In the history of the guitar, which goes back 1-2 thousand years, there has never been an instrument like the Pikasso. It happens to be the 30th anniversary of Pat’s Pikasso ( designed by Linda Manzer from Canads) . I really , really appreciate the quality of Pat’s Pikaso tunes !! The Sound of Water. ( with Brad Meldau etc) , but also. Having watched the.Paul Masson Imaginary Day DVD several times, the introductory ’ Into The Dream ’ is hypnotic and beautiful. But, really , Pat is the only one in the world who can handle that many strings. Can you name anyone who played more than 20 strings, ever. .... And will anyone ever conquer such a unique instrument !!
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Jan 23 2015
at 6:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Hedges played the 6 string steel guitar back in the late 70s, and then in 1985 started playing the harp guitar ( 6 + 5 strings) ( which was an instrument dating back to the early 1900’s). Manzer designed the 42 string Pikasso for Pat in 1984. Perhaps she or Pat were influenced by the harp guitar.? He had a certain genius for unique composing and instruments, but sadly died in 1997 in a car accident in California.
Jan 22 2015
at 3:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, Michael Hedges. Probably the greatest acoustic steel string player the world has known...He just commanded the instrument like no other..
Dec 11 2014
at 1:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Michael Hedges. Michael used to open for PMG occasionally in the late 70s/early 80s (was it?) . Couldn’t let this go without mentioning the **great** Michael Hedges! Aerial Boundaries, baby!!
Nov 24 2014
at 7:24 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Naut. I guess we’re into the Pikasso more than most, but I love the Pikasso tunes in every concert. Suffice it to say, it’s signature Pat. .... No one else in the world plays, or can play, a guitar like that the way he does .
Nov 18 2014
at 4:54 AM
Bookmark and Share Most excellent info and summary, patsfan. Kudos (& other fine delectables). I love his Pik playing on "The Sound of Silence" especially. (How many picks would say, Earl Scruggs, have to use to play it?) / Wendell writes: Best of any song / is bird song / in the quiet, but first / you must have the quiet." (I think there’s a wee connection there....)
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