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Mike S.
Nov 10 2014
at 12:03 PM
I am a high school math teacher and I play PM radio in my classroom all day, everyday. Finally today some students told me they went to YouTube to see Pat performing some of the music they hear in my classroom!! They were proud to announce that they discovered the name of the piece they like the most (We Go On) from Kin <---> and that they would like to use that as their song for entering the gym for their graduation! How can we get more of the youth of today exposure to such great music? ALL of my students claim to have never heard of Pat until hearing it my classroom. What a disgrace to this once great country that someone of this talent born, raised and educated here is not proudly displayed to the general public!! No radio stations in my neck of the woods (Northern New Hampshire) play PM’s music. I tried to get some students to attend the concert in Hanover, NH but none are willing.
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Mike S.
Jan 03 2015
at 2:21 PM
Bookmark and Share patsfan, I could not agree more!!! It is absolutely CRIMINAL that the best thing musically to come from this country is hardly even known here!!! It is totally shameful!
Nov 18 2014
at 1:11 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m actually of the belief that Pat is a celebrity - a high celebrity - of a musical genre that isn’t duly celebrated, particularly in America. Also few have done more that Pat in these times to further the reach and accessibility of jazz music to the masses without watering it down to a pop format. No one works harder to bring his music further into the public consciousness than Pat himself, night after night and year after year on the road. It’s not a coincidence that those students get to hear a Pat Metheny Radio in the classroom every day (how unbelievably lucky they are!). We can’t reach everyone with jazz though and it’s nobody’s fault but theirs. Not even that. It’s probably just the way the universe works, for better and for worse. Subtlety and complexity are simply more challenging qualities to engage with.
Nov 18 2014
at 11:27 AM
Bookmark and Share Mike and Friends-I am also a lifetime educator and understand the drive to "turn people on" to things that move us. Guess that’s why we got in our biz. I have thought about the private, exclusive, sort of secret we share as fans of Pat Metheny and his many reincarnations. At first I also wanted to share his gift with everyone I know. But there are some perks to his lack of world wide recognition. It’s easy to obtain great seats at his concerts-he remains accessible to meet us-he is not forced into reproducing the same sound over and over again,and most important of all he is not a Celebrity! Yes I’d love all to enjoy and experience his talent but you have to admit his flying under the radar is not all that bad.
Nov 17 2014
at 7:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Mike ..... Glad you saw the concert in NH, and I have no doubt that Pat gave his all, as well as all Chris and all the other guys. No one I have seen puts as much into his music. ... Emotionally, energetically , etc. .... And at the same flies the radar of popular American music. Oh well, that makes it better for us, who really appreciate GREAT music !
Mike S.
Nov 16 2014
at 6:04 AM
Bookmark and Share The concert in Hanover, NH last evening was AMAZING to say the least!! It was great to see and hear that "group" type of music performed live again! I hope so much that Pat has more of that in him before he hangs up his guitar straps! I feel SO lucky to have been on the planet at the same time that he has shared his talents and the talent of those willing and able to perform his music with us!
Nov 11 2014
at 7:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Mike ..... Thanks for posting, and what a relevant topic to me. I am convinced that Pat is one of the most talented musicians in our lifetime, but you wouldn’t know it if you asked your friends, relatives , guy on the street etc. I’ll never understand ..... It is what it is, I guess. At least the critics know, 20 Grammies etc
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