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SUBJECT: Eberhard Weber (75) The Great Jubilee Concert Back to Subjects
Chris Digger
Nov 05 2014
at 7:50 AM
Wow, this is incredible: appearing in Stuttgart on January 23th/24th 2015 for the 75th birthday of Eberhard Weber and playing his Music: Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Scott Colley, Jan Garbarek, Danny Gottlieb, Paul McCandless, Ralph Towner and SWR Big Band.
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From: Message:
Nov 14 2014
at 3:56 PM
Bookmark and Share I have a ticket! Will be a 6 hours drive from the netherands, but will be worth it.
Nov 13 2014
at 2:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Would love to be there.
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