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Oct 29 2014
at 8:13 PM
Travelled from Perth to Singapore for the concert hoping not to be disappointed. How stupid of me to think that. I was blown away, mesmerised, elated and just didn’t want the night to end. Well it almost didn’t. Five encores we had. After the third encore I thought no way when he reappeared to do a solo with acoustic guitar, And I love here, I think. The fifth encore with the band, I was gob smacked when they cranked up Song for Bilbao. The group looked at us stunned as we would not let up the applause Coming from Perth were we don’t often get to see artists at this level of virtuosity so my "Travels" to Singapore was worth every cent.
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Nov 06 2014
at 4:19 AM
Bookmark and Share I drove 300km from kuala lumpur to watch. Cant’ really fully express the fulfilling experience. Finally get to see them perform AYGWM but never expect to see Dream of the Return. Lost count on the number of encores though:). Thanks for coming to perform in this region.
Nov 05 2014
at 7:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Tillban and Jopox. ...... That is amazing ! From Perth and the Phillipines, all I can say ...... You have great taste in jazz, guys, and all the best...
Nov 05 2014
at 3:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Hambone I completely agree & am in the same boat. Am astouned he’s playing such a small venue in my backyard of Burlington ON, on Nov 11 to kick off the final leg of this incredible tour. It appears many of the venues on this last part of the tour a smaller & more intimate. Can’t wait.
Nov 03 2014
at 12:40 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s great to hear you fans across the world the world are able to enjoy the great experience of seeing Pat live like so many of us here in the states have been able to do for many years. I consider myself very lucky and blessed to have seen him for the 15 or so times in different settings. And I’m getting stoked again for his upcoming stop in my backyard in Reading,Pa on the 22nd.
Oct 31 2014
at 1:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Tilbanup- I traveled also from the Philippines to Singapore for that concert and "blown away" pretty much describes it for me, too. That was my first concert (and I’ve been a fan since 1983!), and the experience was simply, absolutely mesmerizing. Joe
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