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Oct 24 2014
at 4:36 PM
Well Pat certainly kept us waiting (29 years & 9pm on a Friday night) but what a concert! Two and a half hours of a really well-paced program at a packed Sydney Opera House Concert Hall (2300 people), virtually flawless playing, virtuosity of the highest order. My Music Teacher wife agreed the Unity Group is an absolutely outstanding group of musicians and Pat absolutely dazzled with his array of styles (& guitars!) and his ability to maintain his energy and performance levels over the whole concert length just outstanding! "Kin" really came alive last night & also nice to hear a lot of material from 80/81 with Chris Potter amazing! Pity there wasn’t enough time for the whole back catalogue really :). Sydney was the Group’s fourth Australian concert & his third in as many nights in three different, very well-dispersed (like 900kms apart) locations. - extraordinary effort. Pat, we thank you SO much for finally coming down & please come back SOON!!
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