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Oct 17 2014
at 11:03 AM
I’m hoping that there will be a live (2 cd) Unity Band release , hopefully sooner than later. How about even a 4 cd Box Set for christmas that includes some of the older PMG material that they have been doing on tour ?
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Dec 02 2014
at 1:05 PM
Bookmark and Share How about a DVD with extras like interviews and commentaries from the Band members on the touring experience , individual songs , etc ? That would be "way cool" ! from : way-cool adjective 1. (informal) outstanding; excellent; marvellous
Nov 24 2014
at 7:06 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, Frank, you nailed it. We want a DVD !!!
Nov 24 2014
at 10:09 AM
Bookmark and Share that seems to be how Pat rolls, live recordings are DVD , studio recordings are CD.
Nov 23 2014
at 12:04 AM
Bookmark and Share Great show in Reading tonight. Pat and band mates have taken playing together to another level from when I saw them in March. Superb musicianship all around. And the word afterwards was there is dvd in the making for release in the near heard it hear first!
Nov 22 2014
at 9:14 AM
Bookmark and Share +1 for live records! I would love it if we could DL shows we attended, flaws and all. But when I have talked with Pat about this in the past, he expressed a lot of things about why this isn’t offered and I completely respect and understand his position. He like things right, if I could try to summarize what he shared. Hope I represent his feelings respectably.
Oct 22 2014
at 6:23 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve been hoping for Pat to do something like this forever Frank. Maybe if you put it on your Xmas list and everyone else does too....who knows!?
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