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Sep 21 2014
at 9:43 AM
Just learned today that Kenny Wheeler died Sept. 18th. A great horn player and composer. He will be remembered fondly. Love his work.
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Nov 05 2014
at 5:57 PM
Bookmark and Share Hello, all... just imagine the gig in Jazz Heaven: the Kenny Wheeler/Jim Hall/Charlie Haden/Paul Motian quartet... I’ve been revisiting all the old Wheeler ECM/Soul Note dates and catching up on his more recent CamJazz stuff, particularly "One Of Many" w/ John Taylor and Steve Swallow. Highly recommended, although you really can’t miss with any Wheeler record. Nice version of "Smatter" on YouTube with the "Widow In The Window" group (Palle Daniellson pinch- hitting for Dave Holland) -- check it out!
Oct 02 2014
at 7:49 AM
Bookmark and Share naut--I remember seeing Remember Shakti in Toronto back in 2000, including, of course, Mandolin. It was a great experience. I’ll never forget the kind of ambient sitar droning coming over the speakers as everyone was waiting for the concert to begin. What a loss.
Oct 02 2014
at 3:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I saw Mandolin Srinivas with Remember Shakti several times. I love those shows for the music, but especially for the sit-down meditative way that the band relaxes into those long-flowing pieces. I can’t think of another group I’ve ever seen that sits lotus on-stage and plays so beautifully. Thanks for the info, tiny_tim. / I’ve been listening to Kenny recently. Does anyone else hear a subtle shift in his tone somewhat in the last few albums? A man of many double (& triple) entendres.
Sep 29 2014
at 5:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Just heard about Kenny’s demise. Such a fantastic, melodic composer and arranger. Very much inhabits territory that chimes with much of Pat’s harmonic senses. Anyone who’s played his wonderful big band charts will know what I mean. If you are a Pat fan, check out Kenny’s stuff - you’ll get it.
Sep 24 2014
at 7:27 PM
Bookmark and Share i discover him really with the cd Other People and since then, i was and i will be forever a huge fan. I was often touched by this man of 80 years old and plus, capable to write so profound mélodies and play flugelhorn with so much feelings like a man at the end of his life. Listen the "Opening" of his opus for large and small ensemble and the track 6 of his latest opus with the big band and you will understand. I am sad.
Sep 24 2014
at 12:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Must admit Tiny Tim,never heard about this musician.Had to look it up.45 is far too young...
Sep 24 2014
at 1:30 AM
Bookmark and Share And another quiet giant past last week...Mandolin Srinivas from Shakti..
Sep 23 2014
at 3:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Very sad to learn today that not very long after Charlie Haden’s death just two months ago, now another of my musical heroes is gone, Kenny Wheeler. A deeply brilliant composer, and no one ever made a more beautiful sound on the flugelhorn. My favorite kind of musician: one whose music could simultaneously delight the mind and pierce the heart. His seminal album Gnu High is, for me, absolutely on a par with the best jazz albums of all time ...
Sep 23 2014
at 3:37 PM
Bookmark and Share He is back to playing Angel Songs - RIP
Sep 23 2014
at 9:22 AM
Bookmark and Share Listening to "Peace For Five" from Deer Wan. I used to spin this album all the time back in my late night DJ days. He could create such great atmospheres and didn’t really get known until his 40’s. All-star lineup on this record, Abercrombie, Garbarek, Towner, DeJohnette, Holland, etc. One of Dave Hollands best solos ever on this song and great unison playing between Kenny and Jan Garbarek. Everybody on this tune just kills.
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