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Sep 12 2014
at 8:09 PM
Remember the Seinfeld episode "these pretzels are making me thirsty"? Well, in a likewise manner, how do you speak aloud the holy and beloved title AYGWM? Is it "ARE you going with ME?" Or "Are YOU going WITH me"? Or could it be "ARE you GOING with me"? (a la DeNiro in his mirror) Or the inevitable (for the hard-of-hearing) "ARE YOU GOING WITH ME"?!? Just wondering. I can’t decide which is best....
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Nov 17 2014
at 4:37 PM
Bookmark and Share Do you think Are You Going With Me? is slightly ambivalent? Would it be different if it was Are You Coming With Me? I guess that sounds a bit bossy... ’Going’ is better, as in ’let’s please end up in the same place but you don’t have to travel in my car or anything’.
Oct 11 2014
at 4:30 PM
Bookmark and Share AYGWM?Till the moon and back.
Oct 10 2014
at 7:56 AM
Bookmark and Share fair enough, Fred (thanks’ for the youtube link). It seems however that other people use this and add the ARE to it. There is a recent movie The Fraternity that does that.
Oct 07 2014
at 10:51 AM
Bookmark and Share aye, Oystein, it’s a resounding YES - and it’s been quite a journey - who knows what lies ahead! Pat gathers no moss.
Oct 06 2014
at 4:56 AM
Bookmark and Share Pat asked this question in -82, and today it seemes like we are all going with him. matter which word you emphasize...
Oct 05 2014
at 4:53 PM
Bookmark and Share +1 what naut said. Lol
Oct 05 2014
at 2:04 PM
Bookmark and Share OK,I’m in.Are you going with me?
Oct 04 2014
at 9:59 PM
Bookmark and Share a pissed kind of," are you going with me?" no emphasis, ’ cause if you aren’t i’m going anyway.
Sep 23 2014
at 10:29 PM
Bookmark and Share Brings to mind ’ As falls Wichita, so falls Wichita Falls ’. Where does the emphasis fall ? Downstream, upstream or right at the falls ? Methenology is so theoretical. ...
Sep 20 2014
at 4:23 PM
Bookmark and Share Not to get too picky, but the De Niro line is "You talkin’ to ME?" emphasis on "me." Because he then looks around and says "Well I’m the only one here." Watch it here:
Sep 20 2014
at 9:57 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey, any uh yooz guyz going wimme?!?
Sep 17 2014
at 3:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Think of the classic movie line "ARE you TALKING to ME ?" and I think you have it.
Sep 17 2014
at 1:12 AM
Bookmark and Share "...his has to be one of the more irrelevant questions in Methenology" - You got that right, patsfan. It was just a question I’ve long pondered...meant to be amusing. ;) / As for Anna Marie, she could pronounce it any way she wants; I’d listen.... Thanks for your answers, folks!
Sep 16 2014
at 11:27 PM
Bookmark and Share Naut, sorry if I insulted you, and after thinking about the words alone and their implied emphasis and importance, I think it’s all about the psychological impact of the words themselves ... Nothing to do with the music at all. So, in cold hard humanistic terms, it’s all about human personality ..... The narcissist would emphasize the ME, the normal person would emphasize the YOU. Check that out with your psychologist ... If you have one
Sep 16 2014
at 11:09 AM
Bookmark and Share the em-PHA-sis must be on the right syl-LA-ble. are you GOING with me? (or are we just friends)
Sep 15 2014
at 11:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Naut, this has to be one of the more irrelevant questions in Methenology.. But , to answer your question, and as Anna Marie Jopek pronounced the phrase, it was ’ Eeeeee. Owwww oooooe. Weeee ahhhhh ’. ::))
Sep 15 2014
at 1:07 PM
Bookmark and Share "YOU ARE GOING WITH ME" At least once Pat hits the stomp box half-way through his solo during the encore!
Sep 14 2014
at 1:46 PM
Bookmark and Share naut-Interesting question! I usually say it like a song title-unimaginative I know..........
Sep 14 2014
at 11:30 AM
Bookmark and Share since you asked....... as I read the examples you gave, they all seem somehow "in your face" and "demanding" I think the intent of the name of the song was meant to be much softer than that: are you going with me?
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