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SUBJECT: Camp Fire at Longwood Gardens Back to Subjects
Aug 13 2014
at 4:12 PM
Caught the show at Longwood Gardens. Opened with Hornsby playing a dulcimer and then Pat on guitar and Sonny on washboard joining him for three or four tunes. Then Hornsby hit the Steinway with synth capabilities and Sonny jumped on the kit. Hornsby has quite a sense of humor, sharing quirky intros to his songs and many of the lyrics have a dark humor. Very entertaining. It was obvious Hornsby and Sonny have been playing together for 12 years, as they were tight and in the pocket. At the end Hornsby’s set, he provided quite the witty entertainer’s introduction of Pat. Very funny. Classic. The venue was stunning in the gardens, with the fountains playing behind the stage. The weather was spectacular. Could not have been better. All in all, the Campfire Tour concept works, with Pat as the straight man. Bruce was very entertaining. Outstanding show! Make every effort to see PM play.
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