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Aug 11 2014
at 7:44 AM
Happy Birthday to my favorite musician since 1977. I was born the same year and month as Pat and in the Midwest so I can relate to him in many ways. Thanks Pat for all the years that you enriched my life with your incredible music.
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Aug 13 2014
at 2:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Pat! Thank you that I learned so much about music by trying to follow your research! Thank you for opening my eyes on other peoples music! Thank you for pushing the boundaries of music! And most importantly, thank you for being the best composer, producer and musician of our times!!! I can’t wait to see where you will go with the next record, but I know that, as always, it will be the most exciting thing for me at the time. Live long and prosper! ;)
Aug 12 2014
at 10:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Pat! I remember when I first saw you at Tampa Theater in 1982.Back then,you were that kid from the University of Miami,even though you had left there a few years prior to that.Thanks for all the great music you’ve made through the years,and continue to make today.You’ve really enriched our lives!
Aug 12 2014
at 2:43 PM
Bookmark and Share August 12th, of course So, Happy Birthday, Pat and if I may: Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday to us, Happy Birthday Pat (and myself), Happy Birthday to us! Unashamedly pimping this awesome case of synchronicity to no end, Willbur
Aug 11 2014
at 10:20 PM
Bookmark and Share What really amazes me is how at 60, Pat has as much energy as most musicians half his age. And, he keeps getting better...every year! Happy Birthday Pat - I have been following you since the late seventies and never get tired of your music. You are a tremendous inspiration to anyone who wants to play, does play and wants to play better and all of us who just love to listen. And thank you for all these far!
Aug 11 2014
at 9:20 AM
Bookmark and Share I see by his touring schedule Pat is off (and hopefully enjoying time at home/with family) for his ’milestone’ birthday. I want to wish him the very best life has to offer from all the people whose lives his music continues to touch. Happiest of Birthday Pat! Thank you for EVERYTHING you’ve shared with us ... Health and Happiness Pat!
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