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SUBJECT: No Perth!, any other West Australians Disappointed? Back to Subjects
Aug 08 2014
at 12:57 AM
Saw Pat here in 2006, didn’t see any Australian dates for the latest tour so got some great seats for the Singapore Concert (That’s how keen I am to see the show). Then the Australian tour is announced - but no Perth.
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Aug 18 2014
at 9:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes it is remote fore most other countries, but well worth a visit. When Pat was here in 2006 I drove 250 kilometres from the south west to see the show in Perth. In fact I’m classed as a FIFO(fly in fly out worker) working in the remote north west. I drive to 250 klms to Perth then fly 2000 klms to the north west, work three weeks return home for one week then return to work again. There is a real mixed bag of people I work with, there is a lot of Americans, Irish, Asians, Kiwis,South American, Europeans and we get along fine. So flying to Singapore for Pat’s show there is just another flight to me.
Aug 15 2014
at 11:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Spent a week or so in Perth. Yes, a very isolated city but a gem. Beautiful Shorelines, downtown area, university and generally like Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney etc. Nice Aussie culture, lots to see and do. But for us Americans, it’s a 24 hr trip, assuming you start from San Francisco. Shows you how amazing Pats’s travels are, with all that equipment !!
Aug 14 2014
at 11:29 AM
Bookmark and Share what is it like in Perth ? It seems so remote from the rest of Australia even not to mention the rest of the world.
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