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Apr 19 2011
at 6:42 AM
Which local Jazz Radio Station do you listen to? In the Atlanta area, the preferred station for many is WCLK-FM 91.9, Public Radio broadcast from Clark Atlanta University - - The station has a predominantly Black influence (Gospel rules on Sunday mornings), but the programming is solid and diverse...yesterday they played "Tumbleweed," from Michael Brecker’s Pilgrimage CD.
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Jul 08 2011
at 4:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Well,my time in the Indiana Burbs of Chicago has come and gone.I heard no jazz on the radio and no live jazz performances.I did,however,spend a wonderful afternoon on the Magnificent Mile,and also met Patricia Barbers’ next door neighbors.Delightful people!
Jun 30 2011
at 11:35 PM
Bookmark and Share college PBS ..WUSF....Tampa. But they only do Jazz in the overnight hours. :-(
Jun 27 2011
at 10:42 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Fred Simon-I’m up here in the Indiana ’Burbs(outside Chicago y’all) for a couple of weeks.Any good jazz stations up here?And,are you playing anywhere in the next two weeks?
Jun 27 2011
at 10:37 PM
Bookmark and Share "deltah"-In Tampabay,Bob Seymour is "THE MAN".
Jun 27 2011
at 3:46 PM
Bookmark and Share For those of us who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, it’s 24-7-365 jazz (without ads)on KCSM-FM. For all of you out there try it out on your computer as Mugsy has stated. You will be blown away.
Jun 26 2011
at 8:56 PM
Bookmark and Share Hats off to Bob Seymour WUSF, and the Sun nite WMNF jazz clinic
May 05 2011
at 5:21 PM
Bookmark and Share WRTI-FM from Temple University in Philadelphia. Not too many years ago, this was an outstanding all Jazz station. A local classical station went belly up and it was merged with WRTI. Now, its classical all day and jazz at night for the most part. Although I enjoy classical, when WRTI pushed the jazz to the side, I was very disappointed. The upside is that the internet now provides access to many jazz sources, either streaming radio or services like Pandora. Plus, we have the Pat Metheny radio! I have XM too, but its missing a station that has more eclectic, experimental jazz.
Apr 30 2011
at 4:34 PM
Bookmark and Share KCSM San Francisco/via Internet. Home of the legendary Bob Parlocha
Rob B in CT
Apr 30 2011
at 8:28 AM
Bookmark and Share Lots of good jazz radio in southern New England. Most are college stations... WFCR from Amherst. WRTC from Trinity. WWUH from University of Hartford/Hartt School of Music. WNHU from University of New Haven. WPKN from Bridgeport.
Apr 29 2011
at 7:06 PM
Bookmark and Share There is no real Jazz radio station in my country :( Only internet radios... But many radio stations have great jazz programs :) (and it’s easy to find Pat Metheny even in regular audition) (sorry for my English - still learning ;) )
Apr 26 2011
at 7:52 PM
Bookmark and Share Friday,Saturday and Sunday Nights for WRTI....
Apr 26 2011
at 11:38 AM
Bookmark and Share Even though the Philly jazz/classical station WRTI has reception in a big area of Pa, I prefer my own cds or Ipod.
Apr 25 2011
at 7:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Mendojazzman and others = KCSM on the net is (not .com).
Charles Tresca
Apr 25 2011
at 10:17 AM
Bookmark and Share In the San Francisco area, W-KCSM (.com) has a great streaming of 24/7 jazz and an artist/song playlist you can view as well as find the name of the album. Who needs XM/sirus radio anymore.
Apr 25 2011
at 8:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Internet radio, Pandora and Satellite radio(if you dont mind monthly bills) are the new options. They each have their place for interesting new sounds.
Apr 24 2011
at 8:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Internet Radio offer an incredible variety of Jazz Radio, including Pat’s station.
Apr 24 2011
at 5:03 AM
Bookmark and Share I never ever listen to the radio. I’ve got too much music to have time for that.
Apr 23 2011
at 2:50 PM
Bookmark and Share on an evening jazz fm - they play mostly rubbish during the day. BBC radio 3 jazz progs
Apr 22 2011
at 9:51 AM
Bookmark and Share KMHD 89.1 full time jazz out of Portland, Oregon,....KPLU out of Pacific Luthren University in Tacoma, and KEWU out of Eastern Washington University in Cheney, WA. Jazz has a good raido voice in the progressive pacific northwest.........and a wealth of great musicians...
Apr 21 2011
at 2:13 PM
Bookmark and Share Our NPR station WUSF 89.7 in Tampa,FL plays jazz from 9PM to 5AM every night.
Photon Man
Apr 20 2011
at 3:28 PM
Bookmark and Share PeeWee. I love WCLK too. Just wish they had a more powerful transmitter!
Apr 20 2011
at 12:35 PM
Bookmark and Share WJAZ , Not far from the foot of Mount Belzoni . Lots of good jazz and conversation. And, at times I wish I had a heart like ice !!
Apr 20 2011
at 11:09 AM
Bookmark and Share One of the best jazz stations I’ve heard. different weekend programing too, from world music to bluegrass, blues....
Apr 20 2011
at 11:06 AM
Bookmark and Share Jazz FM
Apr 20 2011
at 10:31 AM
Bookmark and Share I live in the DC area, and you would think there would be at least a half dozen jazz stations. Not one. There are a couple that play jazz in the wee hours of a Sunday morning, but that’s it. I can remember a long time ago WMAL had Felix Grant that had an awesome jazz program every night. He started every show off with ’Tenderly’ played by Tal Farlow. Man I miss those days.
Apr 20 2011
at 8:49 AM
Bookmark and Share Living in North Attleboro, Mass. now and I pick up a station on Sunday mornings on 89.something that plays some good stuff...otherwise, I don’t pick up anything else clearly like WICN that bluepno mentioned. Tried to get that one in on my car radio last night and mostly static. I would’ve thought the Boston area was loaded with good jazz radio...or maybe the antenna Nissan puts in cars isn’t worth a damn.
Apr 20 2011
at 7:21 AM
Bookmark and Share Public radio station WBFO out of Buffalo. They only play jazz at night. Often stream 91.1 online out of Toronto JazzFM.
Apr 19 2011
at 7:10 PM
Bookmark and Share There is very little jazz radio where I live so I listen to WBGO FM from Newark New Jersey via the web. When I just want to listen to and discover new music or musicians that I’ve never heard of but should then I log into my account.
Apr 19 2011
at 5:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Nothing local but when in Toronto 91.1 Jazzfm is the only choice.
Apr 19 2011
at 12:53 PM
Bookmark and Share KCSM (91.1) San Francisco Bay Area - a really great station dedicated to commercial free jazz 24/7. They have lots of interviews, special programs and the like. They are also on the web at
Apr 19 2011
at 12:34 PM
Bookmark and Share No local Jazz station in Tromsø, so I have to supply my speakers with what ever jazz is in my own collection :o)
Apr 19 2011
at 10:56 AM
Bookmark and Share WICN...Worcester, Mass, WHVD...Harvard University radio.WBUR (Boston University),WERS (Emerson College).
Apr 19 2011
at 10:26 AM
Bookmark and Share WRTI-FM in Philly....when they’re playing jazz. They play classical as well. And WPRB in Princeton, NJ - they have some jazz programs as well.
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