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SUBJECT: Campfire at Wolf Trap Back to Subjects
Aug 07 2014
at 11:23 AM
I’m not going to give the playlist run-down since I didn’t take notes and I think folks have already provided this for the most part. Just a few comments… Wolf Trap is one of those cozy semi-outdoor venues that is so comfortable that you feel you’re at a party with friends. What was particularly nice about the show was during the quieter moments. The Group played ‘Born’ and you could hear the surround sound of tree frogs echoing throughout the pavilion. Music and nature perfectly blended and filling the place. It happened again when Pat (on acoustic) and Bruce (on piano) played a Jimmy Webb ballad. This tune almost brought me to tears. Bruce and Pat played off each perfectly. The sound of Pat’s PM-200 seemed to have an interesting blend of his normal acoustic/electric sound and raw acoustic guitar. I can’t describe the sound except to say that even though it was right up front, there was something distant about it. I’m glad they hit some of the older PMG tunes. Chris blows me away and is always spot on. It was a great show. Wolf Trap really makes for the perfect summer venue. I only wish the gang came out on the stage after to meet and greet fans.
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Aug 12 2014
at 3:35 PM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, foper! And you’re right, I’ve been to Wolf Trap, it’s a gorgeous venue and perfect for this kind of performance.
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