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Tyler Durden
Aug 07 2014
at 10:37 AM
Saw the Moody Blues a few nights ago in Bethlehem PA and it was a wonderful night of music. If they are in your area coming up, consider going. Highlight tunes for me - Question, The Voice, I Know you are out there somewhere, Ride my see-saw, Nights in white satin, Tuesday afternoon, Peak hour, Say it with love, Your Wildest Dreams. Played for just over 2 hours not including a 20 minute break between sets, considering the 3 original members are 68+ years old kind of amazing. The tunes really hit the mark with the crowd, really a great spirit coming through the tunes. No the first time seeing the Moody Blues and I enjoyed them very much yet again. Wish I was going to Longwood Gardens tonight but I didn’t get tickets as I thought there was going to be a conflict. Sure do wish I was going to be there.,. Seen both Pat and Bruce a bunch of times now and enjoy them both very much, together on the same stage should be quite amazing. Enjoy the show...
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Oct 11 2014
at 7:54 PM
Bookmark and Share Sounds cool. Who is in the band now? Hayward, Lodge, Edge, Pinder? I haven’t kept up much since seeing them some years back. Their early work, up to EGBDF & a couple of tunes on 7S, is remarkable.
Oct 10 2014
at 8:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Check out Emily West cover of knights in white satin
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