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Aug 05 2014
at 12:55 AM
I hope all of you will post Birthday Greetings to Pat as he nears his 60th birthday !! Sort of a shock to us that see Pat as a young jazz prodigy, an incredibly brilliant jazz composer and guitarist in our lifetime, and still as active and inventive, if not more, being 60. What I like, he plays his heart out every concert. ... A true musician in every sense of the word . Personally , i cannot thank Pat enough personally for the musical enjoyment in the past 35 years.. Aug 12. Happy Birthday and many more, Pat !!
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Oct 02 2014
at 3:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Well, he did join his Beatles when he was what, nineteen or so? Then he wrote a few songs....had a few bands....toured a little....invented stuff....collaborated with a couple of folks....raised some kin <-->......
Sep 29 2014
at 5:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Probably seems like yesterday to Pat that he was recording with Bob Moses and Jaco - he’s been kinda busy since then.
Aug 12 2014
at 10:25 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Pat. Parabéns, feliz Ano Novo!!!
Aug 12 2014
at 2:04 PM
Bookmark and Share Does he actually ever read this forum? Just in case he does; happy birthday Pat!!!!
Aug 12 2014
at 12:19 AM
Bookmark and Share Happy 60th, Pat. Have an imaginary day and many , many more !
Aug 09 2014
at 9:28 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, I think we need to celebrate our birthdays for a good week, so I express my best wishes to Pat for many more years of good health and good music! We are about the same age and I have listened to this wonderful sound of Pat’s and his musicians for 1/2 my life now. I am convinced it has kept me youthful in spirit and helps to keep my heart open. Thank you and Happy Birthday!
Aug 09 2014
at 11:53 AM
Bookmark and Share I remember seeing Pat for the first time in ’78. I can’t believe it’s been 36 years. I can only say that, as a closet musician, that Pat didn’t just change the way I look at music, but has given me comfort during some pretty difficult times. There are no periods of my life where I don’t have some connection to a Metheny tune. Unlike so many people that take the day off for their birthday, Pat will be working; getting on that stage and providing joy to others. I can’t think of a better gift. Happy birthday Pat and thanks for decades of joy.
Aug 08 2014
at 10:10 PM
Bookmark and Share Happy Birthday Mr. Metheny:.....I first met you at Sea-Tac airport back in the early 80’s,, were more than kind as I introduced you to my girlfriends parents.............who didn’t know of your growing musical stature...... Seen and Heard many times through the years in the Northwest...............the Britt Festival We Live Here Tour on an amazing summer night in Jacksonville, Oregon...............met again back stage after a beautiful September night in Reno, Nevada just a few days after hurricane Katrina..........(and your new and still beautiful song)..........You don’t show your age, and I am completely amazed at your consistency and brilliance and love of the The Road to US...................
Aug 07 2014
at 10:17 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t normally do this kind of thing but I just want to give an early Happy Birthday to Pat! 60 years young and he still looks like a kid when he steps on stage. Gives hope to all of us mortals, what clean living, hard work and loving what you do can do. The first time I saw the group, on 2 Aug 82 at Artemus Ham concert hall at UNLV (for 11 bucks and general admission), we were all young men (I would have been 24 and Pat would have been on the cusp of his 28th--Nana would have been the oldest guy on stage at 38! --and Happy B’day to Nana as well, turned 70 on Aug 2). Who would have given a thought then to being 60 --60?-- That’s old man! We know now that it’s really just the outer edge of middle age and you can generally do most of what you could do in younger years with some limits. Just amazing though to think of all those years passing by.
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