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Jul 20 2014
at 10:13 PM
i have been blessed to see pat around 95 times in 35 years. Friday nite at the Greek was another home run, Bruce Hornsby and sonny emory are huge additions,, the show was 3 to 3.5 hours . next night at Thornton winery was also a great show....except,, the venue,, by far the worst venue ever. way to many overreaching security, sitting was horrible it was general admission, to say we were cramped would be a understatement. I’m 6.0 feet my knees were hitting the back of the seat in front of me, if you were not in a aisle seat, people had to exit so you could get out. during pats opening the volume was so low you could not hear him, they did fix it, the stage was so small they could not fit all the equipment and Chris potter had no ability to step to the side when he isn’t playing the people in stage left could not see the stage due to an elevated dinning with that said, would I go back???, for pat maybe, anyone else ,,no way,, to anyone that was in attendance , am I wrong???
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Jul 23 2014
at 11:42 AM
Bookmark and Share I started listening to pat around 79/80, back then you would have 3 concerts in socal, he would also return later in the year, so you might have 6 concerts a year, the best place would be Santa Barbra county bowl. the most interesting would be McCabe’s guitar shop in Santa Monica. did anyone go to Temecula ??????
Jul 22 2014
at 3:02 PM
Bookmark and Share 95 in 35 years!?And I thought I did good with 15 in about 25 years...It’s a shame to learn that Pat, who is all about the music, had to play in such ungrateful circumstances...who would be to blame then? His management? The promoter?
Jul 21 2014
at 6:51 PM
Bookmark and Share After reading your review about Thorton I know Pat will never return to Temecula. I caught them at the Greek and once again he never disaapoints. I’d like him to return to Humphrey’s of Specles in SD. Bith those venus were fine.
Jul 21 2014
at 6:47 PM
Bookmark and Share I was at The Greek show. You are right ! Another Home Run ! I think anytime Pat is in So-Cal he should ONLY book gigs at The Greek. Except in the winter of course.
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