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Jul 17 2014
at 1:03 AM
Just returned from the show at the Mountain Winery. I had third row center seats, 15 feet from the stage. Great show. The interplay between Pat & Potter was phenomenal . Williams bass solos were inspired. The beads of Sanchez’s sweat seemed to fall on the beat. But if you sat on stage right you would not have seen much of Pat except for his back. He spent almost all of the show with his body perpendicular to the stage, turned to his left. Some in the audience couldn’t see his fabulous guitar work, which was some of the best I’ve seen since I started going to his concerts in 1978. Go to the show, but make sure your seats are stage left.
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Jul 17 2014
at 10:17 PM
Bookmark and Share Yes, I know! I always tell people to get tickets on the left. He said at the concert i attended that he needed to communicate with the band. That’s why he does it.
Jul 17 2014
at 2:57 PM
Bookmark and Share I’ve noticed over the past 10 or 15 years, he always faces stage left. So needless to say my tickets for The Greek in L.A. are stage left ! I was wondering who opened the show...... Bruce or Pat ??
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