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Jul 16 2014
at 4:07 PM
Would love to hear from those who went to these going on the 19th ....if they all play together or if PMUG plays some tunes on their own...etc... No matter what am sure will be superb!
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Jul 20 2014
at 1:45 PM
Bookmark and Share What a fun,incredible, awesome show! I dont’t think I’ve ever seen Pat play before where he looked like he was having such a good time. He was swaying to the best....cheering the others on... and some of the notes they played.....I’ve never heard was incredible!!! Everyone’s playing was indeed SUPERB.... Have to say...not really a fan of Bruce’s....sorry... he is very talented though.... have to say the last number they played together was fun!! So glad I went....dont miss the show you wont be disappointed....
Jul 20 2014
at 11:58 AM
Bookmark and Share Bruce Hornsby has a most unique sense of humor. This has rubbed off on Pat and he even crafted a joke about his playing of the pikasso. I won’t ruin it but hopefully he’ll share it on the remainder of the tour. Yes they were beyond terrific!
Jul 19 2014
at 3:45 AM
Bookmark and Share Get there early. Pat and Bruce play together for the 2nd and 3rd song (at the Greek). Stay Late. They play together again with everyone jammin’ !!!
Jul 18 2014
at 6:34 AM
Bookmark and Share I’ll be at the Wolf Trap show on 6 Aug. I haven’t seen Pat in concert since Imaginary Day. Way too long. I’m curious about the same thing whether Pat and Bruce will play together. I anticipate a really long awesome show though.
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