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SUBJECT: Pat/Hornsby Campfire Tour Back to Subjects
Jul 16 2014
at 9:18 AM
Has anyone heard if Pat and Bruce are actually playing together or if it’s just groups on the same bill?
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Jul 21 2014
at 2:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi All Caught the Campfire Tour at Mondavi Winery in Saratoga -(the first venue for the tour) The show ran three hours. WARNING: Like all musicians (sans The Dead) , Pat has always frowned on any media capture, however , the venue staff was especially aggressive and "on alert" for any and all stealth recording. I saw several escorted out for using their device even for checking the time! Message: don’t even THINK about using your iPhone during the either performance, you’ll be kicked out. Having said all that, the show was phenomenal! I thought there would be two separate performances , but Pat and Bruce played together just enough to not blur the theme. Hornsby is wired differently then most musicians (most people , actually)! but you’ll find his selections to be delightfully edgy and sardonic. He had his own Steinway with synth keys on top to add texture. Now to Pat. Completely blew the audience away! Chris Potter’s soulful and flighty comps rivaled Pat’s - rich, urgent , tragic and hopeful. Astounding! Ben Williams playing was muscular if not a bit muddied in the mix. The chittering synths opening Kin give you the chills. Antonio was.. LOL Antonio... I’m an alleged drummer and have always felt that there’s alot of similarity with Sanchez and a late 1960’s Jack Dejohnette. Antonio is really showcased on the Kin CD and even more so live. i wont spoil the show about the tunes but know this! "Born" left many in tears. His best song in years -- Transcending. This show revitalized my faith in Pat and I’m revisiting. He’s embracing the past and taking us along the ride for the future. Side note: ticket prices are extraordinarily high. ($800+ 11 rows back from front) Its probably a geography thing because The Bay Area is the most expensive place to live. But... Im not complaining -- if I can fund Pat to enable him to make more music like this , so be it!! Mike
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