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Jul 11 2014
at 5:44 PM
I can’t believe it. But Charlie died today. There is a very big whole in the world now! Just one of the greatest artists in music. He left a large volume of incredible music to listen to. He will be missed!
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Dec 02 2014
at 1:10 PM
Bookmark and Share I heard that Pat has occasionally included some of the songs from the past he did with Charlie and also Michael Brecker in the shows . Has he said anything about Charlie’s passing in the shows ?
Jul 19 2014
at 8:51 PM
Bookmark and Share I can’t believe I’m just hearing about this now. Unbelievably sad and I can only imagine how Pat must be feeling. Charlie brought so much beauty and inspiration to the world, he will be sorely missed. I’m simply flabbergasted.
Jul 14 2014
at 4:22 PM
Bookmark and Share I haven’t cried about the death of a musician since Bill Evans.
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