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Jun 28 2014
at 5:10 AM
Pat quotes "So May It Secretly Begin" & "Eleanor Rigby" in OP’s version of "Spirit of the Air," of course. But what’s he quoting at 5:30? It has a very familiar ring to it, but I can’t place the tune. Any guesses or certainties? Someone will know, because it’s on the tip of my gustationator. ;) TIA (again).
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Jun 30 2014
at 6:03 PM
Bookmark and Share Absolutely ’Moondance’.
Jun 29 2014
at 9:09 PM
Bookmark and Share You just may be right, hman. At least I can see why you say that. Thanks for the input, amigo.
Jun 29 2014
at 1:53 PM
Bookmark and Share naut-It sounds to me like a short phrase from Moondance by Van Morrison.
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