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SUBJECT: Why o why no campfire tour in Europe? Back to Subjects
Jun 26 2014
at 3:54 AM
It is so mean that events like the campfire tour don’t come to Europe. By the way: It is really sad, too, that Bruce Hornsby isn’t very present in the media over here. Which obviously leads to him never touring Europe. **sigh**
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Aug 02 2014
at 12:55 AM
Bookmark and Share I don’t think Hornsby is nearly as eager for touring as Pat, the old road dog, is right now. The last time I looked over Bruce’s website, I haven’t seen long tours, just scattered gigs and often located near his Virginia home. Maybe he’s concentrating on family, I don’t know. You should flood his site with requests for a European tour, and maybe someday it will happen. Bruce’s shows are so much fun. They’re as musically rigorous as Pat’s jams, but as loose and funky and freewheeling as a classic show from his old touring partners, the Greateful Dead.
Jun 28 2014
at 4:02 AM
Bookmark and Share I wondered similarly about why Bruce isn’t listed on the 25th in Colorado. I emailed Kurland’s for info, but of course got no reply. They’re much too busy to answer a simple question from a paying customer (if they’re the appropriate contact), one who’s been to many, many Kurland shows. From July 16 to Aug 02, there are several dates that you’ve probably noticed don’t mention Hornsby. That’s sort of weird, since he’s playing the night before and night after with Pat 7/24-7/26. It would be a very welcome surprise for Bruce to show up in Arvada. And I want to say BIG THANKS! to Pat and the Group for returning, since the show in March was snow-packed, so to speak.
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