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SUBJECT: Anyone know why there’s no book for Speaking Of Now? Back to Subjects
Jun 15 2014
at 8:48 PM
I LOVE the tune "You", but I can’t find a chart for it. Seeing the DVD recently has made this a pressing issue. Any thoughts?
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Jul 29 2014
at 7:46 PM
Bookmark and Share Sorry about that Stevee23. I overlooked the part that it was a Bob C. arrangement. Oh well, I saved you $65 LOL
Jul 27 2014
at 2:05 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey, thanks for the heads-up. The chart you’re mentioning is the Bob Curnow arrangement from his latest CD. It’s arranged for big band, and has notation for all instruments. Unfortunately, his arrangement and performance on the CD don’t work for me, so I wouldn’t pay that hefty price - $65(!) The original is the only way to go for this tune. I’ve started the intense process of figuring it out on my own, but you know Pat - it’s tough. Thanks again.
Jul 16 2014
at 12:31 PM
Bookmark and Share Hey Steevee23, "You" is available on - for a hefty price!
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