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Jun 06 2014
at 9:10 PM
Hello friend. You have always been one of my favorites in the AG community to read here. You have been noticeably absent lately; particularly after the PMUG just did a show in your backyard. I do hope all is well with you (as I’m sure many others in the community do as well). Jack Hetherton A friend from the US
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Jun 12 2014
at 10:09 PM
Bookmark and Share I hear ya, hague-meister. Feel free to keep in touch from time to time. PM me how the show was, if you ever feel like it. I’ve been wondering, but didn’t want to bug you, although it probably wouldn’t be too much longer till I would if I chose to go down that route. Cheers, old man! And btw, check out the new Jimmy Cobb when you get a chance. I know you’ll dig it!
Jun 11 2014
at 11:55 AM
Bookmark and Share I’m not a regular reader here anymore. Someone pointed me to this thread. First of all: thank you, I’m flattered. I’m well and I hope all of you are likewise. I’ve been a long time poster: almost 12 years. I guess there comes a point in everyone’s life where you have to say: I haven’t got much to say anymore, I’m moving on. There have been some very nice discussions, I learned about a lot of great musicians who I probably wouldn’t have learned about elsewhere. You are an eloquent bunch and you have good musical taste! Anyway, that point in my life has come for me. For now I say to all of you: thank you & be well.
Jun 10 2014
at 4:58 PM
Bookmark and Share Well, the record it’s new only to me because the release is from 2.009, I’m sorry, ha, ha. There’s even a review by our fellow garager John Kelman: review-by-john-kelman.php#.U5d-Vvl_uSo
Jun 10 2014
at 4:47 PM
Bookmark and Share I’m with you. He is also one of my favourites in here. I take the occasion to let him know that a new album that will surely interest him has come out: El Viento - The Garcia Lorca Project. By Vince Mendoza & The Metropole Orchestra. Vince Mendoza and the Dutch Metropole Orchestra who also played with Pat years ago, revisiting some Lorca influenced music. It’s in Spotify, I haven’t listened it yet, I’m on it. Saludos The Hague.
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