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Jun 04 2014
at 6:24 PM
just got home from the gig in Brussels. With Chris he played Toots’ Bluesette and it was simply fantastic. I know, easy succes playing a Toots tune in his home town, but still:phenomenal! 2,45 hours..Great, great concert and I will be enjoying it again next week, going to the London gig! For all you out there awaiting his arrival:enjoy!!!
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Jun 13 2014
at 8:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Stefan, I’m pretty sure Pat allready played in Belgium somewhere in ’87 or ’88, I would have to look this up. I was also at the concert In Liège, but I believe it was in 1994 at "le Carré". The Way UP was 2005 ( at the AB I believe it was). I kept all my concert tickets so if you really wanna know about the exact dates, let me know. Cheers.
Jun 09 2014
at 5:43 PM
Bookmark and Share Did enjoy Pat for the first time in Belgium (1992?) in Liège and later with the PMG in Bxl during The Way Up tour (2005?). Last week Pat did it again. Each time it’s like a dream which should never end......
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