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Jun 04 2014
at 6:24 PM
just got home from the gig in Brussels. With Chris he played Toots’ Bluesette and it was simply fantastic. I know, easy succes playing a Toots tune in his home town, but still:phenomenal! 2,45 hours..Great, great concert and I will be enjoying it again next week, going to the London gig! For all you out there awaiting his arrival:enjoy!!!
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Jun 13 2014
at 8:12 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Stefan, I’m pretty sure Pat allready played in Belgium somewhere in ’87 or ’88, I would have to look this up. I was also at the concert In Liège, but I believe it was in 1994 at "le Carré". The Way UP was 2005 ( at the AB I believe it was). I kept all my concert tickets so if you really wanna know about the exact dates, let me know. Cheers.
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