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May 30 2014
at 9:29 PM
Hi all, Has anyone else seen this? It’s a reissue of Gary Burton’s Reunion from cdjapan. I LOVE this album and I’m wondering if it’s been remastered, that would be great, I always thought it sounded a little muddy. It’s a limited release coming out in late July.
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Jun 29 2014
at 6:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Love this album, too. My copy sounds pretty clean, but a re-ish would be welcome. Thanks for the heads-up, ambrosia.
Jun 06 2014
at 12:01 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks, Ambrosia...... It is one of my favorites, I have several copies of Reunion .and would love to see a reissue. I hope Pat someday does another reunion with these guys. All super musicians.
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