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May 28 2014
at 4:02 PM
My family bestowed on me for my birthday an Ibanez PM2 guitar. It was between a Gibson Les Paul Futura or the Ibanez. I have solid bodies, so the Metheny signature guitar is a nice change. I was surprised how well it played right out of the case. Not sure how intimate Pat is with this version of his signature models, but for about $1,000, it sounds great, looks nice and feels good. My first arch-type, hollow body. Now I am not sure why I waited so long. I pulled out one of the Metheny guitar straps I had and never used. Folks are going to start calling me Pat with his name on the guitar and strap. Hey, I could get used to being Pat Metheny! Anyone else out there with some feedback on this nice axe?
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May 29 2014
at 8:23 AM
Bookmark and Share That’s quite a gift! Congratulations and Happy Birthday!
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