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May 26 2014
at 2:24 AM
"Loopified". Not exactly in the "jazz-bag", but these extremely talented young guys are really worth paying attention to. Brilliant musicianship.
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Jun 14 2014
at 5:09 PM
Bookmark and Share Just heard "Hit Me", also - I thought they were fantastic. All three are amazing, plus the vocals . . . Love it.
May 27 2014
at 11:44 PM
Bookmark and Share Pretty tight, but I wish I knew why the autotune vocal thing hasn’t gone out of favor by now. Clearly he has the chops to render it superfluous anyway. Is this band at all prominent on the charts these days? Sorry, I’m out of the, er, loop!
Tom Rudd
May 27 2014
at 6:18 AM
Bookmark and Share Thanks for the heads up, just listened to Hit Me on You Tube. Totally awesome!~ Love hearing new music like this with substance. i’ll be sure to check out more.
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