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SUBJECT: 11 June 2014 London Hammersmith Gig/ Pre-Gig Bevvies Back to Subjects
May 22 2014
at 5:27 AM
I am organizing a pre-gig rendezvous for the "London Jazz Meetup" (LJM) group that I am member of - to be on the River Thames, just west of the Hammersmith Bridge. There’s some side by side riverside pubs with outside bench/table seating. Look for the "Blue Anchor" pub, where I’ll hopefully have secured a few tables and with "LJM" signage on them. If not, then the tables adjacent. Any of you Forum Folk attending are certainly welcome to join in the festivities. It’ll much like we did 2005 for "The Way Up" gig at the Hammy.
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Jun 29 2014
at 2:49 PM
Bookmark and Share The swan is a good venue just down the road from hammy o Next time lets all get there.
Jun 13 2014
at 11:29 AM
Bookmark and Share All the years I’ve been going to Hammy and I never knew about the Blue Anchor... always struggled to find a decent pre- gig boozer. Thanks Tiny - see you there next time!
Jun 13 2014
at 8:02 AM
Bookmark and Share ... and that fellow Garager was me! Thx again Tiny Tim, was great finally meeting you. Would have liked to meet you too Yossarian, heaving read your comments all those years.
Jun 13 2014
at 6:44 AM
Bookmark and Share " I got hung up in a major lorries (2x) accident on the M40.." Isn’t that where Picasso did some of his iconic bike- paintings? Apologies to Monty Python. Seriously though, glad you enjoyed the show.
Jun 13 2014
at 4:23 AM
Bookmark and Share What a gig though eh? I might take a look at those budget flights to Italy... life on the edge...
Jun 13 2014
at 1:00 AM
Bookmark and Share All good, Yossarian. Was a lovely eve to spend before the gig at the Blue Anchor. Met up with a fellow confirmed Garager and his good buddy too. A profound gig it was at the Hammy/London.
Jun 12 2014
at 4:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Man oh man. What a concert. Profound. Incredible. Brilliant. Went to the Blue Anchor (nice suggestion) and bumped into loads of people I knew so didn’t get the chance to locate fellow Garagers.
Jun 12 2014
at 3:23 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi Yossarian, as things prevailed, and even leaving Oxford early enough, I got hung up in a major lorries (2x) accident on the M40 - diversions and tailbacks even on them - and got to the River for about 18h00 and could put the sign up on a table in front of the Blue Anchor, where some of my possee had already congregated. I would have enjoyed meeting you if you were there.
Jun 11 2014
at 6:31 AM
Bookmark and Share Will try and look out for you if I get there in time. Good idea. I hear Manchester gig was a cracker
Jun 10 2014
at 10:39 AM
Bookmark and Share Mike Chadwick must be getting excited.
Jun 05 2014
at 1:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Hi John, I think we’ll depart from the River Thames about 18h15 to immigrate to the Hammy when the doors are suppose to open at 18h3o. My understanding through an e-mail from Eventim Tickets is the gig is suppose to start at 19h3o, curfew restrictions at the Hammy is 23hoo. Look forward to seeing you and anybody in the PMG Forum who can make it to the River Thames before the gig.
Jun 04 2014
at 3:41 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi Tim. Sounds a good idea. What time will you be there until? Cheers John
May 27 2014
at 10:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Cool idea. Any one travelling up to Salford for the night before Hammy?
May 23 2014
at 9:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Really gonna try to be there!!Great initiative!
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