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May 19 2014
at 8:30 AM
Just about every day I check to see where Pat and the Unity boys are and I continue to be amazed at the tour schedule and where they land night after night. I so wish we would hear more from the European fans in this forum, for it is difficult to find reviews posted on the internet. Many years ago I talked with Antonio after a concert at the Hawkins outdoor theatre in Reno, and he told me it was supremely hard to get a good nights rest on the bus because of the twisty European roads and highways..........Anyway.........amazing about jazz road warriors.
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Jun 09 2014
at 6:50 AM
Bookmark and Share It sure must be very tiring. I suppose I’m a ’far away fan’ in Europe but travel pretty good in Germany and France. Whenever I’ve been to Holland and Belgium there’s been massive tailbacks everywhere. In the UK, like I say, Manchester to London can be ridiculous (not in distance but in congestion), which is what the PMUG is attempting tomorrow night! I’ve done a little touring myself and yep it’s tiring, but the PM bus is a bit more comfortable than the ones I used to be on I’d reckon
May 21 2014
at 8:15 PM
Bookmark and Share Pat’s tour schedule always amazed me. The logistics, even in the US. I remember watching the unloading of a huge bus/truck with instruments. The musicians and the crew sleep on it overnight to the next concert which could be 800 miles away. Then think, Japan, Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia etc etc etc. ....... Logistics must be pretty incredible .. Anyways, It’s a shame we don’t hear from those far away fans very much...
May 21 2014
at 6:28 AM
Bookmark and Share ’twisty roads’.... I wonder where the worst bits of the Euro tour are for twisty roads. I hope they come from Manchester to London overnight. If they tried it during the day, they’ll never make the soundcheck at Hammersmith, that’s all I’m saying...
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