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May 17 2014
at 7:14 AM
For some years we have endeavoured to combine Pat’s touring schedule with an overseas trip. Seeing Pat overseas sets up the London gigs nicely. In the past we have seen Pat in NYC (twice) at the Saratoga (NY) Jazz Festival and in Porto, Tel Aviv and Rome. Thus we headed out to Berlin last Saturday and spent 4 stimulating days absorbing the city. The trip culminated with Pat’s gig at the Tempodrom on Tuesday night. For those of you who have yet to get tickets for the ’Kin’, make sure you do. The performance was everything that Pat set out to do in his manifesto for 2013. Sounding even better live than on record, the multi-layered music took one back to PMG gigs of eras past - albeit with a different feel. All in all it was SUPERB. Really looking forward to Hammersmith in June and only wish I could get out somewhere else in Europe! ls
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Chris Digger
May 20 2014
at 4:11 PM
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