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May 10 2014
at 9:22 AM
Magnificent piece of music.
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Jun 19 2014
at 8:53 PM
Bookmark and Share Easily my favorite piece on the album. Pat’s compositional genius is at work here, coming up with chord sequences that work with the piano intro "D drone." (Listen for that piano note repeated through the entire song!) I wish Pat would talk about this tune on an upcoming podcast....
May 29 2014
at 5:37 AM
Bookmark and Share Marshall… The one thing that I love about TWU is how the entire piece is a setup to the ending climax. I think of TWU in more of an orchestral composition than a long-form jazz tune. Saint Saens’ Symphony number 3 comes to mind. There are constant ebbs and flows throughout; one moment you get settled in then it gets you to the edge of your seat, then back down again. To me it’s all designed to build up to that ending, and then after that ending, that last section of calm; so you can catch your breath and take it all in. Pat always says coming up with names for his songs is difficult. But ‘Sign of the Season’ is really kind of perfect for this tune. I’m not sure if it was Pat’s intent to create any kind of image in his tunes, but applying the title I am envisioning the onset of spring in time-lapsed photography. All the life comes out then sort of bursts with color and bloom, then those blooms fall off to give way for leaves and settles in for the summer in a really calm kind of way.
May 26 2014
at 12:24 PM
Bookmark and Share I love this tune too, but the "middle piano section" that sounds awesome just don’t quite get there. It’s building, and I expect it to blow up into a giant orgasmic wall of sound --but instead it just sort of fades. The exact same thing happens in The Way Up Part 2, right at the halfway mark, when the various themes start layering and building. There is so much anticipation and it just falls flat for me. The way the cymbols come in slowly, you get a real adrenaline rush that ends up in a big letdown.
May 21 2014
at 6:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Hey Foper... yep, that ambiguous time feel thing going on under 3/4. It’s great; one of the trademark PM things.
May 19 2014
at 3:39 PM
Bookmark and Share Yossarian… these songs got the best of me in terms of chords and time signatures, so I had to buy Pat’s lead sheet book. ‘Sign of the Season’ is in ¾. You ought to see the time signatures for ‘On Day One’.
May 18 2014
at 6:27 PM
Bookmark and Share I should also say that Pat has written a lot of tunes in 3/4 time but there’s so much going on that you don’t think about it as 3/4. SotS is a good example, but then so is Extradition, where it sounds almost as if Gottleib plays 4/4 samba under a 3/4 pulse. It’s a feel thing, let’s not get too cerebal about it, but it sounds great!
May 18 2014
at 6:22 PM
Bookmark and Share Great posts here. The song’s chord sequence has a great logic about it.... I can picture Pat sitting at the piano and just getting on a roll with the chords; they flow so beautifully, drawing you in to the tune. Two great solos, beautiful interlude (middle section) as many others have commented on and wonderful drum work throughout. Just about shades it as track of the album for me.
May 16 2014
at 11:40 AM
Bookmark and Share As with so many of Pat’s songs, I love how he interleaves various rhythms. In this song Antonio having a 4 feel under the rest of the band playing a 3 feel. Of course there time sig changes that keep you reaching for that down beat. Makes me do a lot of thinking while listening rather than just passively listening.
May 15 2014
at 9:11 PM
Bookmark and Share Love that sparse simple piano riff in the quiet section, almost "lulabyish" to me.
May 15 2014
at 6:22 AM
Bookmark and Share This chart is pure gold. Antonio’s manouvering through it like the grand wizard he is. Simply some of the best segues going on through it. The middle section with Ben’s beautifully crafted as they come. I look forward to hearing Pat’s podcast on this chart’s development. I am so so looking towards the London Hammersmith gig 11 June.
May 14 2014
at 3:31 PM
Bookmark and Share It’s probably my favorite track of the entire album. I love how it seamlessly segues from Adagia. Those dense chords right up front say so much. The middle section seems like a dream come true for Ben. It’s like Pat said to Ben i’m gonna write you the most awesome solo section on this song, and Ben just totally owned it. The way it comes back to the original statement is classic Pat cleverness. Great outro as well.
May 13 2014
at 12:25 PM
Bookmark and Share What I really like about the middle section is that it has all those beautiful notes on top and the bass soloing under it.And the bass notes keep getting lower and lower all the way to the end of the middle section.It’s just neat the way it all plays out.
May 12 2014
at 10:03 PM
Bookmark and Share I especially like the way the song builds anticipation. I love the way Chris comes in at 1:55. Up to that point, there is (for me) great anticipation...Same is true when Pat solos at 2:46. Forgive me for not knowing the "correct" terms, but this is how it affects me. The whole song seems to take off from these beginnings, and then the beautiful middle section...and back to the beginning theme. I love the way Pat does this!
Chris Digger
May 12 2014
at 5:50 AM
Bookmark and Share Cool middle section.
May 10 2014
at 9:18 PM
Bookmark and Share Yossarian - I totally agree! This song kind of crept up on me. Upon the first dozen (or so) listens, I found myself drawn more to Kin, We Go On and On Day One. Now, for some reason, I am really taken by the harmonies and various melodies on Sign of the Season.. What a great tune!
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