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May 07 2014
at 6:52 PM
Well, after Stavanger I would have said it was impossible for a concert to be any better. But I traveled to Bergen today to see. And tonights Bergen concert was easily 10X better! Mostly the difference in energy from the audience seemed to make a big difference. The crowd in Stavanger was stiff and unresponsive, tonight it was young and free and wild. And the band seemed almost like a different band. Each person was just on fire. But Pat especially, he played totally different tonight, with utter freedom and command. It was beyond impressive. Not that it was bad in Stavanger at all, just much more of everything tonight. And for example, in Stavanger, they played 2 hours and 15 minutes. Tonight in Bergen it was a solid 3 hours with four encores! I hope the rest of the Norwegian crowds will be more like this for them and not like Stavanger. But either way, they seem to be playing for themselves anyway. Not in a bad way, that just seems to be the way they are going. I will try to go to Oslo too, this is history for our country.
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May 08 2014
at 10:14 AM
Bookmark and Share Sorry to disagree, but I clocked Stavanger at about two and a half hours, maybe closer to 160 mins. Was surprised that the crowd let them away with just one encore, and agree that it was pretty stiff, but I still felt the group put on a strong show.
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