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Apr 25 2014
at 4:49 PM
I recently saw Pat and i really was blown away how much he has grown as a players since began listening to him 35 years ago. He played the entire concert, then went on to doing an impressive extended duet with each of his band members and ended the show in a wonderful medley of some of his most well known tunes. My fantasy dream record would be to see Pat on tour with all of the wonderful musicians who have played in his band, exploring in a present context of the contribution made to his sound by so many wonderful supporting players.
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Jun 13 2014
at 12:52 AM
Bookmark and Share Yes Nano is... he recently played a gig at the Santiago Jazz Club with Egberto Gismonti......
Jun 12 2014
at 3:15 AM
Bookmark and Share Is Nana Vasconcelos still with us?
Mike S.
May 24 2014
at 5:37 AM
Bookmark and Share That would be cool but never gonna happen! It would take so much rehearsal time and member coordination!!!!
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