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Apr 21 2014
at 11:58 AM
Everyone has this moment in music where he’s been very moved or that recalls great memories.I just felt like sharing this following story with you all, so here goes. Some ten years ago, I went to this very classy brunch at a Sheraton hotel because during dinner, Toots Thielemans was performing with a quartet. At first, I was hesitating to go, because I have to much respect for the man and I did not think of this formula as a respectful manner to see this kind of great artist at work, but then I was thinking that he would not perform there if he would’t want to. So I went. As could be expected, people were eating and talking during the gig and not everyone even heard the great tunes he played. But then, he started to play "ne me quitte pas" and every single person stopped eating, talking, making whatever noise. One could not hear a thing, except for Toots. It was so beautiful, so emotional, such a suddenly respectful crowd that I still almost start to cry when I think about it. I’m sure you get what I’m talking about and I wish for everyone to live such a great emotional and musical moment one day. Cheers.
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May 17 2014
at 7:53 AM
Bookmark and Share The opening notes of one of my favorite old PM tunes from Pat’ s concert in Berlin sent a shiver up my spine. So many memories from that tune and the album it is from. However, in 1995 I saw Bruce Hornsby playing one of his (totally) solo shows at the Union Chapel here in London. It was a few months after Jerry Garcia died. Well into the set he paused to talk a little about his experience of spending a year or so on the road with the Dead. He concluded his homilie by dedicating the Dead song ’He’s Gone’ to the memory of Jerry. Even though the lyric was originally intended to suggest something quite different, Bruce’s intention was clear. It was profoundly moving and a fitting tribute to Jerry.
Apr 22 2014
at 11:20 AM
Bookmark and Share I can’t listen to Tommy Emmanuel’s "I Still Can’t Say Goodbye" without flooding the room. Of course anyone who’s had their dad die would probably respond this way. PMG’s "First Circle" always affects me emotionally also especially a live version when the song ends and the crowd roars. For some reason that wells me up.
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