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Apr 15 2011
at 3:40 PM
Wow! Caught Kurt and his band in San Diego on Tuesday - absolutely luminous! He’s one of a small handful of guys that can bring the kind of energy to a show that Pat does. Catch him if you can - if you have to drive 3 hours, do it!
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Jul 05 2011
at 7:12 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw Kurt Elling on 7/1/11 at his hometown digs The Green Mill in Chicago. The best jazz vocalist (maybe the best all around) period. Wasn’t impressed with the guitar-player though.
Jul 04 2011
at 7:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Caught Kurt in Ottawa last week. Incredible, even more so when guitarist John McLean joined the group three songs in:
Jul 01 2011
at 6:40 PM
Bookmark and Share Saw KE at the Toronto Jazzfest, Last Monday night at the ENWAVE Theatre and was more than satisfied with the belief that he is the best male jazz singer on the planet today. What a great gig! His presentation was "in the pocket" all night and the band of cohorts were equal to the the bar set by KE. Wonderful evening, 90 minutes of brilliantly performed tunes with a very appreciative audience. I will see him live at the next opportunity. He turned a the EWF tune "After the Love has Gone" from an R&B catchy radio bit into a soulfully resonant jazz beauty. Wonderful evening with KE and his band. This cat is so cool both sides of his pillow must be cold!
Jun 28 2011
at 12:16 AM
Bookmark and Share If you like Kurt’s work, check out his album Flirting With Twilight ... beautiful versions of mostly standards, and mostly ballads at that, with Peter Erskine and Marc Johnson. One reason I dig this album is that Kurt spends more time than usual in his higher register, which is lovely. Another reason I dig this album is that it features a great version of a song I wrote (with Kurt’s lyric), While You Are Mine.
Jun 26 2011
at 9:01 PM
Bookmark and Share he is one cool cat
Apr 22 2011
at 7:49 PM
Bookmark and Share Been listening this evening to The Gate, Man in the Air and The Messenger albums and am still wondering why it has taken so long to discover this wonderful singer. Beautiful lyricism and articulation. That great baritone voice is ringing and resonant to the core. I’m an instant fan but finding his treatments more engaging that expected. Simply a great singer.
Apr 19 2011
at 7:21 PM
Bookmark and Share His version of Minuano is nice. The words are sometimes dicey though.
Apr 18 2011
at 2:36 PM
Bookmark and Share Hi, I saw Kurt Elling at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Fabulous concert and what a band. Awesome drummer. The musical partner ship of Kurt elling and Lawrence Hobgood is truly unique.
Apr 17 2011
at 10:58 AM
Bookmark and Share He is high on my bucket list (gawd, I hate that phrase) as the next artist to see. The Gate is a great album. Stumbled upon him via NPR radio while driving back to Canada after a Florida tour.
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