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Linda Harrison
Apr 19 2014
at 5:00 PM
Hello everyone. I haven’t posted to the site literally in years, but I’m now learning to play guitar, so my interest in PM has taken on a whole new angle. Can someone tell me if that’s Pat or is that a bass guitar at around 10 minutes in the tune ON DAY ONE. I can’t recognize the tone of the instrument. It sounds like Pat, but the sound registers in a much lower frequency (?) it almost sounds like a bassoon. Is that a bass guitar, or is that Pat playing something new and different? I’m intrigued with this.
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May 18 2014
at 5:14 PM
Bookmark and Share Chris... So no acoustic bass? I definitely hear it on the CD.
Chris Digger
May 18 2014
at 12:52 PM
Bookmark and Share I saw it live: Ben layed his acoustic bass on the floor and took his electric bass...and rocked!
May 17 2014
at 7:41 AM
Bookmark and Share On another note... This thread only shows up on the board if you’re logged in. I was thrown aback when I went looking for it without logging in and couldn’t find it. Is this a glitch or on purpose that only certain threads show up to registered users?
May 17 2014
at 7:40 AM
Bookmark and Share Jazziz… there is more going on than just electric bass, Pat on guitar, and Antonio. There is piano, and acoustic bass. The credits do have Ben on acoustic and electric bass and no credit of playing bass for Giulio. So Ben must’ve overdubbed the electric bass. I’m wondering who plays what on stage. I was hoping someone who’s seen the show would have chimed in. I’ll see them in Aug at Wolf Trap.
Chris Digger
May 12 2014
at 4:21 PM
Bookmark and Share Definitely an electric bass - and credited on the CD is Ben Williams playing also electric bass.
May 10 2014
at 12:24 AM
Bookmark and Share Linda are you referring to the solo which starts at the 9:57 mark in the song? If so, that’s Ben Williams playing a bass solo with Pat accompaning on guitar, along with Antonio ...
May 07 2014
at 9:28 AM
Bookmark and Share I reckon it’s Pat... baritone electric guitar?
Apr 22 2014
at 11:22 AM
Bookmark and Share I haven’t seen the concert yet, so folks who have could probably answer... but it’s my guess that it’s Giulio Carmassi playing an electric bass.
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