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Apr 07 2014
at 1:34 PM
Caught Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenandier, and Jeff Ballard last week in San Diego. Improvised the Beatles to Coltrane and original tunes. Ballard and Grenadier are as much as leaders as Mehldau. Catch them if possible a guaranted great show!
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Apr 23 2014
at 3:33 PM
Bookmark and Share Last Friday’s BMT show was excellent. They have been playing together for so many years so they respond extremely well to each others playing. I have seen the trio four or five times over the past ten years and I think this was the best show. They played the Beatles’ "And I Love Her", which started out recognizable and then Brad improvised for about ten minutes and then returned to the melody. I think the Brad Mehldau Trio was as good as the Keith Jarrett Trio. Larry Grenadier is one of my favorite bassists and Jeff Ballard was incredible. I had a great seat in the first row of the balcony so I could really watch each musician and see what they were doing. They were all so great I didn’t know who to watch.
Apr 14 2014
at 6:53 PM
Bookmark and Share I will be seeing them this Friday in Chicago. I have caught them in Chicago before and also when I lived in San Diego. Always a great show and always different music played. Great band. I caught Larry with the Newport Jazz Festival : Now 60 tour last month. I got to talk to Larry after the show. He is a really nice guy and he gave me some time to talk to me even though he was trying to go out with a friend to get dinner.
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